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XI International exhibition-competition of modern erotic art "LOVE IN ART Festival" will be held at one of the most popular exhibition spaces of Moscow - in the "Eurasium Gallery".

Age limit: 18+

Dates: 19-24 October 5, 2021.
until October 17, 2021.

Address in Moscow: Gallery of the Eurasian Art Union "EURASIUM GALLERY" (Moscow, Andropova Ave., 17, building 1)
 Exhibition is open every day, 12.00 – 19.00



International exhibition&competition of Erotic Arts “LOVE IN ART” is held in the form of exhibition and competition. All registered art works (on and off-site) are on show at the exhibition center and participate in competition program:

1) Competition “PAINTING”: Erotica in paintings”
2) Competition “GRAPHICS: Erotica in graphics”
3) Competition “SCULPTURE: Erotica in sculpture”
4) Competition “PHOTOGRAPHY: Erotica in photography and digital arts”
5) Competition “ETHNO: Erotica in folk culture”
6) Competition “TEXTILE: Erotica in artistic textile
7) Competition “DÉCOR: Erotica in applied and decorative arts”
8) Competition “INSTALLATION: Erotic installation and interactive performances”.


1. Art work must be original:
A participant of the project must be the creator of this art work. Your art must be your own original concept, and not a copy of someone’s copyright material. If your art work violates copyrights of another person, it will be disqualified. During submission of your art work for this competition, you are responsible for any violation of copyright. The organizing committee can request a proof of this art work being original, made only by you. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification of your entry.

2. Copyright:
Artist reserves all copyrights for their art works without exception.

3. Award criteria:
- Level of influence of art on the viewer / Emotional engagement of the viewer
- Skill and quality of artmaking
- Originality and innovation

4. Non-exclusive permission:
By participating in this competition, you offer a non-exclusive unlimited license for using images of your art works on our websites:,,,, in our newsletters and catalogues «LOVE IN ART», as well as marketing of exhibitions-competitions of «ART WEEKS» for wide audience. Art works will not be used for any purposes, other than those listed here. All participants and winners of art-objects will be shown on listedwebsites. Every art work entered to this competition becomes part of public, historical and archival online catalogue of International Festival & Exhibition-competition of Erotic Arts “LOVE IN ART FESTIVAL”. Late on it can be removed, upon request of the author.

5. Collective art groups:
In International Festival & Exhibition-competition of Erotic Arts "LOVE IN ART FESTIVAL" individual authors as well as collective art groups are welcome and there is no limit to the number of participants.


1. Ways of entering art objects to this exhibition: ON-LINE and OFF-LINE.
On-site participation is showing original or copies of author’s art works in an exhibition space with format, decided by the author. The author delivers art works to the exhibition space. Off-site participation is by submitting photographs of your art works electronically. The organizing committee then processes and prints these images (format is not smaller than A3) and adds them to exhibition. On and off-site art works are treated equally.

2. Quantity of entered art objects / multiple entry:
There is no limit to quantity of art works, entered to this competition. There is no limit to a number of nominations, for which an artist can send their art work. However, it is important to keep in mind, that each art work entered to this exhibition is judged as a separate piece.

3. Sizes and formats:
All participants’ art is published in the project’s catalogue “LOVE IN ART”, therefore it is necessary to submit a photographs of your art works not less than 200dpi and not less than 1100px on the shortest side. Allowed file formats: .jpg, .gif, .phg, .tiff.


1. Age restrictions:
In project " LOVE IN ART FESTIVAL" participating authors must be 18 years old (18+). Also, viewers of installations and exhibition visitors must be 18 y.o.
Entry to this exhibition is possible only with documents, confirming age.

2. Restrictions for quantity of art works:
Participants in International Festival & Exhibition-competition of Erotic Arts "LOVE IN ART FESTIVAL" can submit any quantity of art works, however, every art work is entered as a separate piece with an applicable entry fee. It is possible to submit a series of works, in this case a competition entry will unite all series of art works, shown as one.

3. Restrictions on geographical feature.
International Festival & Exhibition-competition of Erotic Arts "LOVE IN ART FESTIVAL" is open to participants from all parts of the world. All participants have equal rights.

4. Restrictions, related to violation of social norms:
Social norms, accepted in the country where this exhibition takes place, are applied to all art works, entered to this exhibition.
For this exhibition, art works are not accepted, considering the following:
- depiction of children and adolescents up to 18 years of age;
- indecent, vulgar and immoral depiction of sexual intercourse;
- intentional focus of attention on genitals;
- propaganda of stereotypes for deviant behaviour: sexual permissiveness, immorality, irresponsibility and violence.
- propaganda of rape and humiliation;
- any elements of religious cult (of all confessions);
- political context and grotesque.

The decision of organizing committee about rejection of entries to this exhibition is final and is not subject to discussion.


Deadline for registration: June 20, 2021.
All information is sent to e-mail address of the organizing committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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1 stage: All participants register their art works and send a registration set to the organizing committee. The deadline for entry on the first stage: up to June 20, 2021.
2 stage:After receiving approval from the organizing committee that submitted art works are allowed to enter this exhibition, the author has to pay a registration fee and send a copy of payment receipt via e-mail.
3 stage: On-siteparticipants are responsible for delivering their art works themselves to this exhibition (June 19-21, 2021, 12.00 – 18.00).
4. stage:All parallel programs, offered by the organizers (master-classes, creative meetings, performances, round-table discussions) are open for on-site and off-site participants.

How to Participate
Participation Fee

For this exhibition, art works are accepted, which reflect the inner, sensual side of human relationships, the beauty of nude body, the harmony of a man with nature, which, despite of all great variety of interpretations, remains within the frames of morals and norms, accepted by society. Brave, intriguing and even provocative art works are welcome, which do not go beyond the norms, accepted in World. The competitors will have a difficult task to work with images, forms and colours on the most mysteriousborder of human being – gender roles.

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